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Roatan is the only Bay Island with its own international airport.  The number of direct international connections are ever increasing. There is a significant change in the number of flights seasonally. November to April tends to be the busiest time with the most flight choices. 

I nearly always find the cheapest flight by doing a search on, making sure that I select the flexible date options with +/- 3 days. Often the midweek flights are cheaper than weekends if you are flying at a time of year that has midweek flights.



Airlines serving Roatan interntaional airport

Flights direct to Roatan are often a little bit more expensive that connectiing through San Pedro Sula on the mainland. I think it is often worth paying the extra. Firstly it is WAY less hassle, secondly if you miss your connection in San Pedro and have to overnight, the cost of transport and a hotel will probably be more than the difference in flight price.

The most flights to the island weekly are from Houston, with United Airlines, in busy season sometimes even daily. Even in slow season there are always flights from Houston on a Saturday and Sunday. 

Atlanta (Delta), Miami and Dallas (AA) all have flights to the island on Saturdays, year round. 

IBC Air have flights from Fort Lauderdale on Sundays. They are usually more expensive though.



Flights from Canada are available Mid December to Mid April, with Air Transat (Montreal, Quebec and Toronto) and Sunwing (Toronto). 



Cayman Airways has direct flights to Roatan on Thursdays and Saturdays. Roatan to Cayman is on Sundays and Fridays.



The only way to get to Roatan from Europe without having to overnight somewhere is through Grand Cayman (see above).

Over the last 18 months we have found the cheapest flights from London to Roatan can be got for as little at 500 GBP return! You should easily find them for less than 650 unless you are flying at peak times. United and Delta usually come up as the cheapest with a Friday or Saturday departure day from London. Virgin Atlantic have also popped up as good value. The down side is that on way out to Roatan you will need to overnight in the US (don't forget to get an ESTA!). On the way back connections are quick and easy.



if you are looking at connecting flights, don't rule out San Salvador as an option. It may even work out cheaper to buy a flight to San Salvador (SAL) and then another serperate booking from San Salvador to Roatan. Connections through San Salvador are effortless, you can ofetn get away with a 40 minute connection time.

There are usually daily flights from San Salvador with Avianca.

The problem is that the direct flight from SAL leaves for Roatan at 8.25 AM meaning that you have to arrive into San Salvador very early to avoid an overnight.  There is a flight from LA that gets in at around 5am and some days of the week flights from Miami and New York that would make the connection.



There are also sometimes flights from Milan, Italy and Havana, Cuba.

There is rumour of a flight from Panama city and San Jose Costa Rica starting soon on Thursdays and Sundays.

Another interesting possible route is through Grand Cayman via La Ceiba with Cayman Airways.



In addition there are flights with small regional operators from Belize City, La Ceiba, San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa.

Here are some websites for regional carriers:

Sosa Airlines


CM Airlines


Tropic Air (Belize)



The Galaxy Wave ferry has 2 services daily between Le Ceiba and Roatan

Le Ceiba to Roatan 9.30am 4.30pm

Roatan to Le Ceiba 7am and 2pm

There is also a Ferry between Utila and Roatan on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Departs Utila 10.45am Departs Roatan 1pm.