Things to do (other than scuba diving)

While most people come for the diving, there are other things to do on Roatan.

Top of my list is a trip  with Ruthless Charters. They go on sunset cruises, or you can go to Cayos Cochinos or Utila for the day with them.  They are a class act, with a nice boat.

Ruthless Fishing Charters Roatan

Snorkeling - Even if you don't dive, you really should go out and snorkel on the beautiful reef.  Snorkel equipment can be rented in many places, the best place to snorkel is at the far end of West bay near the rocks.  It is lovely all around the point.  Stay in reasonably shallow water though as the currents run offshore in the deeper water.  A safer option may be to go out with one of the dive operators.


Canopy Tour - There are a few canopy tours on the island, two up above west bay, one or two further east.  It is nothing like as good as the ones in Costa Rica at Monte Verde, but good fun.


Gumbalimba Park, many activities aimed at children.  One of the Canopy tours is based here.

Dive Deep in the unique Deep Sea Submersible in West End Village.  Carl started designing subs at the age of seven.  The sub be currently operates is the second he has built.  Going in it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  You will be one of very few people in the world to have gone that deep.


Horseback Riding on the Beach at West End - I have never been a fan of horses, but have seen people riding along the beach often, and they look like they are having fun!

Iguana Farm - These prehistoric creatures are native to Roatan.  You can also sometimes see them on the rocks my Las Rocas resort in West Bay.

A round of Golf at the Black Pearl Golf Course