Roatan Restaurants

As with anywhere, there are a very good, and, very bad restaurants on Roatan!

One thing to consider is that service tends to be slower on the island than people expect back home.  Be prepared to be served on island time! If you are in a rush, mention it to your server when you arrive.

At time of writing the most popular restaurant on the island is Roatan Oasis. It is usually number 1 on Tripadvisor.

It has an excellent selection of dishes from around the globe. 

Everything is prepared fresh on site.

It doesn't rely on Fryers like so many Roatan restaurants.

It more choice for vegetarian, vegan and gluten free diners than any other restaurant.

The ambience decor and service are stylish.

The house-made cocktails are very innovative

They have the largest selection of different beers and wines of any restaurant on the island.

Which brings me to the next point. Tripadvisor is kept up to date WAY more effectively than this site! When  it comes to restaurants the ratings on tripadvisor are pretty much bang on.Sometimes in big cities you cannot use trip advisor to decide where to eat but for Roatan, i would suggest using it heavily to choose  your restaurants!

Lobster Salad, Roatan Oasis

Lobster Salad at Roatan Oasis

Jalepeno Mojito, Roatan Restaurant  - Oasis

Jalepeno Mojito at Roatan Oasis

Here is a quick rundown of my opinion by meal in West End.


Sundowners, Cafe Escondido, 


Lighthouse, Cafe Escondido, Sundowners


Roatan Oasis (Be sure to make a reservation here) , Rotisserie Chicken,  Pazzo

In West Bay

My favourite beach restaurant is Argentinian Grill,


Lalas garden cafe - great for vegetarians.