Roatan Travel Tips


Dive Equipment

Unless you plan to use rental gear, which in many resorts is very good, although equipment rental fees vary and should be confirmed when making the decision to save on luggage space and leave that BC at home!
-Regulator, BCD, Wetsuit 3mm/5mm full suit in winter (Nov-Feb) 33mm shorty in summer, Fins, Mask, Snorkel, Log book and certification card, 

Non essential Dive Equipment

  • Camera, or Gopro with housing and red filter

  • Dive Computer - Can also be rented on the island at better dive ops, Coconut Tree Divers have Cressi Leonardos


Other Stuff

  • Laptop- wifi is now widespread

  • Water bottle (Nalgene)

  • Most US cell phones work here, European ones need to be quad band. Getting a local sim card is easy, so if you may want yo get your phone unlocked. 5gb of mobile data is $25

  • Spare flip-flops

  • Lightweight rain jacket

  • Bug spray

  • Flashlight


Don't Bring(!)

  • Spear Guns

  • Fish food

  • Gloves


Time Travel

Honduras does not have any day lights savings adjustments.  This means that during the US winter time, we are on Central Time.  During the summer months we are on Mountain Time.  Confused?


Official Taxis are white, with a yellow box painted on the side containing their number.

There is a dual pricing system.  You can go express or collectivo.  When you ask the price confirm which you want.

  • Express means they will not stop to pick up other passengers on the way.  The price reflects this.

  • Collectivo means they will stop to pick up other passengers and drop them off.  The price is less, but sometimes they will refuse to take you on a collectivo basis, just wait for the next taxi and hopefully that one will!


A Taxi from the airport to West End costs $25.  

The ferry is now operating out of a new terminal at Dixon Cove. It goes direct to Le Ceiba twice a a day.

Utila Ferry runs Fri, Sat, Sun Currently from Dixon Cove, sometimes from Coconut Tree Dock in West End.

 In the West End the taxis hang around outside Coconut tree divers.  A few prices are as follows: lps=Lempira


West End - Coxen Hole - 50lps Collectivo, 60-100lps Express

West End - Anthony's Key Resort - 20lps Collectivo, 50-60 Express

West End - Airport - $25, 500lps

West End - West Bay 300 lps


There are also collectivo vans.  These are minivans which drive between West End and Coxen Hole.  The basic idea is to flag down any minivan you see, if its a collectivo it will stop, if it isn't it will ignore you!  They will charge 25lps from Coxen Hole to West End or West End to Coxen Hole.


Taxi Boats

These run between West End and West Bay.  The best dock to go to get a ride is the one opposite Twisted Toucan, near Sueno del Mar.  These things are small skiffs with 20-50hp outboard engines.

From West Bay there are a few docks.  The best thing is to wave at any passing boat, if it is a taxi it will stop!

West End to West Bay or West Bay to West End it should cost 80lps per person.


Island Tours

Contact Rudy - He has a nice AC Hyundai van with bilingual drivers.  

Contact him on (540) 98434495, email  -


Internet on the island is OK, its still pretty slow sometimes, but comparable with the speeds you would expect at hotels in the US.

Most places have wifi nowadays.'

Fruits and Vegetables

The best fruit and vegetables comes from trucks.  They park in various locations in West End.  There is no schedule and no fixed parking places. 

Eldons on Coxen Hole is a good supermarket with lots of produce.



For non fresh produce there are a few places in West End.  Woody's (near sundowners) is the biggest.

Eldons in Coxen Hole  is the best supermarket on the island

Car and Bike Rental

Captain Van's this is the best place by far for bike and scooter rental.  The rent decent Yamaha scooters which are very reliable.  Don't go anywhere The road and quality of driving on the island is pretty bad. Don't rent a scooter, get a car.

Often the best rates for cars are found online at sites like expedia.


When getting currency for your visit to Honduras - Just get US Dollars.  Dollars are accepted everywhere at quick reasonable exchange rates, avoid bringing notes larger than $20. 

The most reliable ATM in West End is at the as station just outside West End,


Any of the banks in Coxen Hole.


In West Bay there is one at Mayan Princess, they seem to be popping up all over at the moment! 


However I have been hearing reports that Card cloning is a BIG problem, the bank machines are probably the safest.

Pharmacies/ Drug Stores

There are a few in Coxen Hole.  Near Eldons on the main road near Petrosun gas station.

Sand Flies and Malaria

Yes there are sand flies and they can be annoying.  Personally I don't think they are as big a problem as many people make out - BUT I don't spend hours lying around on the beach!  In my experience the best thing for sand flies is either an oily sun cream lotion (the flies then drown in the oil).  Cactus JuiceTM Sun cream seems to work quite well also.

Bug Guard is environmentally friendly and available in the marine park office - as is reef friendly sun cream which you should use if you are going in the water.

There is Malaria on the island - I have had it!  As with most of the rest on Central America Chloroquin is the required anti-malarial.  Do not take Chloroquin for longer than 6 months.


Doctors and Hospitals

The two best places are:

Anthony's Key Resort (on the road from West End to Coxen Hole)- the doctor here works during normal office hours plus Saturday and Sunday morning.  This is great for anything non-emergency. Telephone 2445 1049


Woods Medical Centre is good out of hours or for emergency situations. Telephone 2445 1080

There is now a small doctors office in West End next to Coconut Tree Divers

Ambulance 911 should work. also 99951943


Air Evac International 9535-9908